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Ag Tire Recommendation for Kubota Zero-Turn

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I need help locating agriculture tires with a robust grip for my Kubota zero-turn mower. I searched through several posts and see a lot of good insights, and now need help actually finding tires that will work for me.
Here's what I have:
  • Mower: Kubota Z12,42" deck
  • Tires: 22x10-14 Ultrascaper 2
  • Lawn: 4 acres mowed, largely steep hills
  • Grass: Not "Class A" turf - generally crab grass, weeds, thick
  • Issue: Mower slides sideways on hills. When going up, mower will slide if even one tire hits a slick spot
What I need:
  • Tires that fit a 14" rim or rims and tires that fit the mower. I'd probably be fine with 23x10.5-14, but either need 14" diameter, or new rims with tires that fit the mower
  • Something that grips wet grass & slopes: I have agriculture (fishbone tread) tires on my garden tractor and really love the grip. I'd be fine with a bit of tearing up the lawn around turns if it means I can actually traverse the lawn.
Thank you in advance for your insights and recommendations (links to buy online would be optimal).
~Doug T.
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Why not give Miller Tire a call as they are one of MTF's sponsors?

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