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After years of research finally bought a Yanmar!

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Been reading all the posts on Yanmars on all the tractor forums for more than 10 years and finally took the plunge. Stan Hoye dropped off a 1610D w/ FEL, a 4' box blade, a post hole digger, a tiller and a middle buster. I worked it with the box blade and middle buster for about a 2 days. The coolant reservoir bottle overflowed. Tractor never ran hot but I noticed the coolant dripping out. Stopped and checked it and saw bubbles blowing into the tank. Having read all the posts I could find on these Yanmars figured I was due for a head gasket swap. Called Stan and told him and he sent all the gaskets. Pulled it down and checked the head and bolted it right back up. Haven't had any problems since. Been using the box blade to level out on the property and doing a little digging with the FEL. Happy with it so far.

While I had it down pulled the wheels and sheet metal and painted. Sheet metal was in good shape a couple of dings but no major damage.

Painted the floorboards and Oh Sh!+ handles with truck bed liner.

Also added a worklight and a rear 12 volt power point for my tow behind sprayer. Power point has a switch on box work light is mounted on to turn it on and off from the seat. Also added a switch on box that if turned on turns the turn signals on as flashers. The turn switch on the dash still functions normally.

How about a little heavy lifting.

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Congratulations on your new Yanmar!!

The YM1610D is a tough, durable tractor...and one of my favorites.

You can't go wrong with Stan...he's one of the good guys :D...

Clever work light setup, and I've never seen those type marker (directional?) lights on a Yanmar before. Oh, and the paint looks excellent too!

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I had to replace the reflectors so I put those on as taillights. I have the wiring run to the front but haven't hooked them up yet. I want them to come on when the headlights come on but since the high and low beams are actually seperate wires I'll have to get a relay to hook them up so I don't cross connect the circuits. I'll get a round tuit eventually :duh: You're right about Stan a really good guy and sent me the parts manual free with the gaskets to help me get it back together. In the mean time I'm lovin every minute I get to use the new tractor. It's a shame but I actually enjoyed taking down the engine for the head gasket swap. What an easy engine to work on! Still amazes me the thing starts up so easy for a 30 year old tractor.
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Congrats on a great little tractor. Looks like you're pretty well set up for using it, too. You're going to love the PowerShift tranny. I had the 1610D's slightly larger brother, the 1810D, for 11 years. It was a helluva tractor. I wish I'd had a FEL for it.
Very nice tractor and accessories.
Looking good there--Tvern--Like you are finally getting your place straight--
Boy, you really have the equip[ement to do the job now!!:fing32:

Glad to have you back here at MTF, my man...
:congrats: Very nice looking tractor!
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