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Affordable rugged tire recommendations

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Hi, I'm looking for tires to put on my craftsman riding mower and before I just go out and buy something I thought I'd ask for opinions. I live out on a small ranch with a bit over 5 acres and I'm fighting to reclaim my land from the dense South Texas vegetation. It's full of cactus and a large variety of thorn bushes/trees and sharp tree stumps. I'm not worried about tearing up turf and need something that can really dig in and get great traction without going flat every time I mow. I was looking at the carlisle super lugs but they only come in a 2 ply for my tire size. The tires that came on the mower from the factory are 18x9.5-8 and 15x6-6 in the front. Any recommendations?
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15x6.5-6 tires were once made in a ag/lug pattern 20-25 years ago so they would be extremely hard to find. Look for an ATV or snowblower tire in that size if you need good steering traction. More tires are available to replace your 18" turf tires.
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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