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So, not only does it have a 30 hour service life before it needs to be replaced, but it has no edge to undercut snow that has been packed.

The steel cutting edge of my GTs bucket required a dressing about every 1200 hours, would undercut hard pack, and has yet to leave a visible mark on an asphalt driveway, even the first winter after it was laid down.

The city's street plows wear out a set of hardened cutting edges every 24 hours of operation, and they don't leave marks on the pavement in spite of the sparks that can be seen when they go by. They have recently changed to a different material for the cutting edges ... carbide ... for more durability.

The lack of residual marks may be because winter temps around here tend to be well below freezing and asphalt becomes very hard when frozen. My concrete rear walkway doesn't get marked either and I used serious downpressure to undercut the hardpack/ice when necessary.

Keep in mind that this is my perspective from here in the Great White North, and from using a GT sized loader for snow removal for 40 years. Your conditions may be completely different and a composite bucket edge may work satisfactorily.
Your winters are much harsher than our winters. In fact, the local government stop using snow plows and are spraying the roads with brine.
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