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Affordable cut/scut with loader recommendations

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Hi all, I'm in the market for a used small tractor with [at minimum] a loader. With a hoe as well would be great, but I'm finding I'm priced out for a used Kubota BX25 or the like, so I'm having to downsize my wants to something like a BX2200 or a comparable machine. I need some advice on what brands/models I should be keeping an eye for.

I don't need anything fancy, just something I could haul mulch/dirt with mostly. Maybe also hook up a wider finish mower to, so as to cut down my time on my current 50" deck (Craftman tractor). Matter of fact, the more simple the tractor the better, I need this thing as bulletproof as possible.

Preferably 4wd, but at minimum a locking diffy because I got terrain here. I'm hoping to keep it under $7k. Any pointers from you guys would be much appreciated!
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Thanks much for reply. I've been on that site, do check it occasionally. I'm hoping to get some pointers on specific tractors. I was looking into older Case 600 series or Ingersoll 6000 series tractors. BTW, would love to get into a MF GC1700 seat to try it out but there are no dealers near me. :(
Ha Country, guess what I bought? A MF! We upped our budget, got a very gently used GC1710. I mean very gently, barely made it past the first 50 hr service. I've been working that bad boy hard the last few days.
Got pictures?
How about a movie:

Yeh that ratchet rake is awesome, I did a lot with it these last few days. 300 bux, money well spent.
I bought their snow edge attachment as well:

Hey it's cool to each his own. Up to know, I've been plowing my blacktop with the craftsman tractor and a snow blade, with huge banks forming after a few snow falls. So, this will work for me just fine.
Pretty nice.
Look everybody needs to figure out what works for their application. Me, I have blacktop driveway, around 100 ft long, around 2.5 car widths maybe, a side apron, and another smaller side drive.

For the last 3 winters, I've been using a craftman snow blade with a poly strip I sandwiched between the blade and the wear bar. Has the poly strip worn some? Yes, it's got a bevel to it now. Has it been 30 hours with that strip? I dunno, I'm thinking probably not. But, I do know I would have gotten at minimum another 2 winters out of that strip before I had unbolt and flip it over.

Now I don't know what material that ratchet rake's snow edge is made out of, but if I could get 5 winter seasons out of it before having to replace the wear strip for $50 plus shipping, I'm cool with it. If it wears out too fast, I'll just buy a thick poly strip, drill and counterbore some holes, end of story.

As far as the snow blade design itself and how it's utilized with the bucket, I personally think it's great. But again, some prefer a snow blower, some a back blade, some a real plow up front, whatever, do your thing boys.
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