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Advice needed please re- Kubota L3010

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This is all new to me!
I have been offered a fairly old Kubota L3010 and loader with just over 3000 hrs use.
Going to use it for running a rotovator and topper on grassland mainly.
The seller tells me it has been regularly serviced.

Can anyone tell me how reliable the HST and other parts are at this age?
Are they generally reliable?

Where I might find a workshop manual.

Any other thoughts on this model greatly appreciated.
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Welcome aboard Dieseldog.
The Grand L 3010 was/is a very nice tractor. It's powered right for it's size and has alot of creature comforts.

3000K hrs are somewhat high for a mid 90's era tractor so I'd be VERY interested in what type of work it did during those hrs.
That engine is very capable of double those hrs if properly maintained and parts are readily available.
In a worse case scenerio, if the price is VERY good and the engine needed rebuilt on down the road, it would be worth it......
I've not read of any HST troubles with the GL's so if it's been maintained properly it should be fine.
As for your uses the position control 3ph will be great for you.
You can get a WSM and probably a owners manual for it from a Kubota dealer, if you don;t have one locally you can try one of our sponsers as they do alot of internet business.

Bottom line, the GL 3010 is a great tractor and if it's been maintained per Kubota's recommendations 3000 hrs isn't too much IF PRICED RIGHT :D
I'm guessing that model sold new ran anywhere from $18K to $22K.
If he's got records that'll be better.
Good luck
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Dear Volfandt,
Many thanks for that.
Will get back to the forum if and when I buy it.
Would welcome any other comments.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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