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Advice appreciated on new Simplicity for a newbie

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I’m new here—it looks like an amazing forum. I’m also basically new to garden tractors and would really appreciate some advice. Here’s my story: I’ve got 10 acres with about an acre+ of lawn spread out around the house and a small orchard. It’s flat, but has some rough spots and plenty of brambles, etc. (It’s not a nice suburban lawn; I live in the sticks of northern New England.) I’m looking for three things: first, to be able to mow the lawn. I’m not a perfectionist at all but might like to dethatch and maybe aerate every so often. Second, I want to be able to move stuff, especially wood. This is of particular importance; I get six cords of split wood each year and need to move it about 100 yards to the wood pile. I would want to fill at least a 10 cu ft cart repeatedly, a 17 cu ft cart if I could get away with it. Third, I want a tractor that is dependable, not fussy (I’m not a mechanic), and will last for a while—and ideally one that won’t break if I ride over a thick root or tough brambles. I was originally looking at a Husqvarna 2042LS but I’m thinking that’s not adequate for the kind of moving I want to do. Most of my research comes back to Simplicity as a reliable tractor in the upper mid-range ($4000-$6000)—and it looks to me like the Conquest might be perfect. (That’s the high range of my budget.) There is a local dealer who seems to mostly sell the Allis Chalmers line made by Simplicity, but he says he can get anything by Simplicity. (As far as I can tell, the Allis Chalmers AC130 are new, not widely reviewed, and probably not enough for my needs; plus I’m wary of getting into a “new” tractor without a lot of support, though I gather it’s basically a Simplicity with different colors.) So here are my questions: based on what I’ve said, is the Conquest too much or too little? Could I, in fact, get by with something less expensive, maybe a Broadmoor? That is, could a smaller tractor—maybe even a Husqvarna, Allis Chalmers, whatever—haul a lot of wood every year over mostly flat ground, and put up with some abuse? (If I can spend $2000 instead of $5000, I wouldn't complain--but I don't want to save money now and regret it later.) And what’s up with the Allis Chalmers? Why so little web support, etc?
I *really* appreciate any help. I’ve been reading around on the web, but am fairly clueless…. Thank you !!!!!!
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Sounds like you'll be (ab)using whatever machine you get. JMHO, but for severe duty use, it all comes down to the hydro unit. Get one that's not designed for more than mowing the yard and you'll cook it in a few seasons.

I'd want one that's serviceable and preferably has a filter. Not sure which one that is; but any salesman worth his salt should be able to point you in the right direction.
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Not sure what your budget is but sounds like you'll be finding things to do that you haven't even thought of yet. You didn't mention snow which I imagine you get a fair amount of. For my money, the Legacy XL 4WD is one **** of a machine. I have the diesel unit and it just purrs. Maintain the fluids and filters and it should last for many many years. I've used it as a bulldozer, excavator, snow plow, mower and it has performed beautifully. I'm sure you can find here plenty of stories about the Legacy and other models as well.

Unless you plan on starting with one mower and then moving up later on, I'd recommend a unit that will let you grow, meaning adding attachments, as you find those "projects".

This is a great forum for help and support. Whatever you decide, wish you the best of luck.
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Thanks. The Conquest would be a stretch for my budget, and the Legacy--which looks great--is out of my league. We do get tons of snow but, with a (shared) private road over 1/4 mile, we get plowed professionally, so that's actually not a concern. I do hear what you're saying about growing into a tractor, but I was hoping to grow into a Conquest! My basic question remains: would a Conquest be enough, too much, or just right tractor for mowing a rough 1+ acre of lawn and moving a lot of wood? I was hoping that because the land is flat, it wouldn't be too much on a tractor to pull a cart--or is it a problem that I would have to do it repeatedly through 6 cords?
Thanks again to all...
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The Conquest sounds right for you unless you decide to do more with your land.
I've hauled quite a bit of wood the last few years with my Conquest and it hardly strains at all with the K66 hydro tranny using a 17 cu. ft. trailer.
The Conquest wasn't in my budget either but with Simplicity's financing I could swing it. Check with a dealer on that.
I take care of my neighbors property along with mine and cut close to 5 acres with her field and paths. It gets a workout.
For the difference in cost, I chose the Conquest over the Broadmoor for the heavier tranny and other features.
One of the best investments I ever made.

Cuts nice also.

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I have a Conquest, also. I mow about 2 acres of lawn, plus another acre or acre-and-a-half of rough ground up here on top of this hill. I occasionally mow grass 18" or so high in the rough areas, and the Conquest eats it up. I just make sure the blades are sharp, it does make a difference.
One of the best features is the differential lock. It gets me out of many slippery spots the the limited slip can't handle. I pull a 17 cu.ft. trailer around up and down hills, although not lots of weight, and the Conquest barely notices.
I think that as long as you treat it properly, you'll be happy with it. They also make a 4WD version too, I've heard. More $, of course...
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