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The local Toro dealer gave me part #T01120301 for the lower transmission drive belt. I have the belt correctly installed from the crankshaft pulley, through the tension pulleys
in the middle of the frame, and to the double pulley in the rear by the transmission. See attached. I have what seems like excess slack in the replacement belt. And I see no
adjustment anywhere, for taking up slack. The Toro service manual makes no mention, either. I went back to the Toro dealer, and showed up the same photo, in which the slack is
evident in the belt. He had no idea, either......not good news. I am almost suspecting I have the wrong belt, despite the receipt indicating he gave me part T01120301, which matches
up to my specific LX426 model number. Can anyone help with any ideas or guidance, before I go through the trouble of uninstalling the belt, to check, further? From what I can
see, there is no grip on any of the pulleys, unless the accelerator is pressed all the way down. So if I want to go full speed only, it might be already.....any slower, the way it is right now, the belt will slip. Thanks/Alex


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It would seem the next step would be to pull the belt and have it measured. Do you have the old belt to compare it to?

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Does the tensioner have the spring on it, or does it go to it's limit without the belt being tight?
Maybe pull off the belt and look at it for a part number (maybe they just gave you the wrong part or it was mixed up somewhere down the line)?
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