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Adjusting Gravely Rider Trunnion Clutches

Direction lever/pedal needs to be in neutral to start.

Loosen the axle bearing retainer nut and the cross-shaft nut on the forward clutch. Push the trunion in to gently seat the clutch lining against the clutch hub. I push until it won't turn freely anymore.

Next adjust the two adjustment bolts so that the spring is straight up and down. It is easiest to align it with the straight flanges on the trunion. (Note that in my picture, the clutch is already adjusted so the spring is not straight. Sorry.)

Next tighten the bolt and nut on the axle bearing retainer.

Get out your feeler gauge and adjust the nut on the cross-shaft until the clearance between the lining and the clutch is .030". I like to wiggle the trunion and move it in and out to see if the measurement is even all around. Also be careful since the lining can get a lip on the outer circumference which can throw off your reading with the feeler gauge.

Hand-tighten the nut on the coss-shaft and check the forward locking action of the direction lever/pedal. It should lock and release without too much effort. You don't want it too tight or you'll cause premature wear; I've done this enough that for this step I adjust it by "feel" with my foot on the foot pedal more than anything.

Lastly tighten the nut on the cross-shaft.

Repeat the process for the other side, remembering that the clearance is supposed to be .010" and reverse will not lock.
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