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Adjusting Drive Belt

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Craftsman GT model 917-273223 with a Kohler 24hp and Hydro-Gear transmission. Their is NO mower deck installed.

Is there an adjustment for the drive belt and if so how do I make the adjustment ? ( It is the long belt running from the front engine area to the rear of the unit).

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All I have seen on the drive belt follows.

Park the tractor on level surface. Engage
parking brake. For ease of service there
is a belt installation guide decal on
bottom of left footrest.
• Remove mower (See "TO REMOVE
MOWER" in this section of this
• Engage parking brake (creates slack
in belt).
• Remove belt from clutching and fan
idler pulleys.
• Loosen belt keeper above transaxle
• Remove belt from transaxle pulley.
• Remove belt from engine pulley and
front V-idler pulley.
• Pull belt out of all belt keepers and
remove from tractor.
• Place V part of belt into grooves on
engine pulley and front V-idler, making
sure to route belt inside of all belt
• Route belt on right side, coming from
V-idler, towards back of tractor, above
midspan belt keeper and to top of
transaxle pulley.
• Route belt on left side, coming from
engine pulley, towards back of tractor
and through loop in midspan belt
• Place V part of belt into grooves on
transaxle and fan idler pulleys, making
sure to route belt inside of all belt

If you don't have a manual you can find a copy here.

Be sure to read the troubleshooting section about "Loss of Drive".
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Thanks for the information, looks like there is no adjustment for the belt. Found the installation diagram under the left footrest as you suggested.
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