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Adjustable tight turn steering drag links for 2012 GT6000

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Hi guys I would like to try the adjustable drag links to get my toe to fix the alignment. I did some researching and it looks like there are replacement parts from Sears that will help this, part #409599 and #409600.

Saw this in a Sears q&a forum
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Here's pic of the sears part:
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Ok guys well I got an adjustable link and it didn't help me until I modified it. My problem was tires toed out. Could turn wheel to get one straight but other toed out. So drag link needed to be shortened to pull the linkage plate inward and make the wheel/tire point straight. Problem is the adjustable link, at its shortest length is just as short as the stock link and didn't help. So I unthreaded the adjustable link, cut about a centimeter off the shaft of it, then cut the same length off the end of the drag link itself with my grinding disk so when the adjustable part is thread back in the whole link is shorter overall and solved my problem. There was enough length on the threaded shaft to allow for this.
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