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adding power steering question

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Am in the process of acquiring the necessary parts to add power steering to my LGT 165. I will be purchasing a JD318 steering valve and steering cylinder soon. My question is, I plan on tapping into the tractor lift hydraulics with this. Can someone verify if this valve will work, as well as the overall plan.

I would rather not tap into the loader hydraulics if I can avoid it. Of course, if it's better to go that way, i will. thanks
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Your hydro lift circuit only flows 2 to 3 gpm, so all flow would divert to steering.
You can do without a priority valve at all & tap into lift circuit AFTER the lift valve. The steering will always get pressure except for any brief second that the lift valve is HELD in a topped out, or bottomed out position. If you tap in ahead of the lift valve, the bottoming or topping backs all the pressure into the steering valve which you do not want, possibly blowing a seal. I have my Massey 1650 tapped after the lift valve assembly & it works fine. The split second when I bottom or top makes little difference & doesn't bother me at all.
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