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adding power steering question

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Am in the process of acquiring the necessary parts to add power steering to my LGT 165. I will be purchasing a JD318 steering valve and steering cylinder soon. My question is, I plan on tapping into the tractor lift hydraulics with this. Can someone verify if this valve will work, as well as the overall plan.

I would rather not tap into the loader hydraulics if I can avoid it. Of course, if it's better to go that way, i will. thanks
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Just trying to throwing up some random pics for viewing...

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wow thanks olcowhand. So, I only need the steering valve and cylinder and some lines and fittings and some brackets welded into place. Also, by "after the valve" you mean it's an open center valve or power beyond? Should i tap in with a T between the valve to filter line? Thanks for the very useful info..
also, is 2 to 3 gpm enough to run the power steering comfortably? it's gonna be a 318 valve and cylinder..
ok great. thanks joe. I will continue reading and searching for parts. thanks again. Anyone have Photos of their own power steering conversions for our viewing pleasure?
great stuff thanks again. I Will post any progress when some happens..
that's good info guy's thanks I've been working out the kinks on the front axle and spindles. I purchased a used axle from our friend Poncho and I have been swapping out spindles, new front wheel bearings(dealership), and made up some new bushings on the front axle center mount.(holes wore out to bigger size) Now that i have the font axle in check and tightened up i will be moving on to the Power Steering setup.

What is the difference between the 4 and 5 hose JD steering valves? Also, which one would be best suited for my needs? Again thanks for all the info and will post pics soon. Ps Joe, i have been a member of your wonderful group for 3-4 months now. thanks again.....
that is great info on the valve. Here are some photos that i have of the 3ph. Can get you some close ups later if needed.

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Here are the images you requested skyrydr2.....

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and a few more......If you need any more measurements or specific photos, just let me know. gl.

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nice. I like that steering valve, especially the price. Looks like you would have to "add a column" to it. I'm still leaning towards using a 4 port like this.

They can be had for around 150 on the bay.....
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