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Added tongue for lawn implements

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One of the issues I have had since getting my 2305 is pulling yard type implements on the 2305. The problem with using the 3 point is I end up bumping it either up or down accidentally.

I have found out the 2305 will easily lift an empty spreader. Pretty sure if it was full I would have bent the light wall tubing on the spreader. I also have a 950# roller and I have no doubt making this mistake will bend it up as well.

Yesterday I drilled a 1/2" hole through the back of my hitch and welded a tab to a sleeve and ran a 1/2" shaft through it and welded it in place so the tab still hinges.

Now I can raise or lower my three point without it putting stress on the implement.


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Nice work. slkpk
Good idea.
Nice work. :thThumbsU You could also tighten the rate of drop knob so bumping the lever wouldn't have an effect, but that can be kind of a pain to tighten/loosen. :)
Woulddn't a hitch with no ball installed have just slipped into your receiver and given you the same functionality? Sorry if I am missing something.
Wouldn't be the same as a hitch without a ball.

All my hitches are too thick to get my "lawn type implements" around.

Also that means I have to remove a ball or have another hitch around. This way I just pull the pin, reverse it and put the pin back in.

But the most important part about doing this is I have a hinged tongue. Without having a hinge you can do serious damage to what you are pulling if you accidently raise the 3-point.
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Got it thanks
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