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Hello all,

I have an 8.5x20 enclosed trailer. I bought a Ford F150 Powerboost with the 7.2Kw generator built in. I would like to add either a 240v or 120v outlet so I can plug my truck into my trailer either while diving or at the road course.

I'd love to find a surface mount for the outside to not add any more drag.

Has anyone done this and have any pictures or suggestions?

Thanks in advance,


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First, that's a fairly large trailer, and even you used a large protruding cube for mounting the port, it's not going to make a noticeable difference....

But googling for "weatherproof rv 240v inlet" comes up with a bunch of decent looking results.

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Most RV type plugs and outlets in general are not meant to be used while the vehicle is in motion. They do not have a positive connection and offer no retention. I know even my 7 pin round connector gets iffy after a while and I have to retain it with little bungee cords.

No picture of the front of your trailer, no picture of the tongue, and no listing on what you plan to run inside the trailer.

I would suggest not to run more then 15 amps, say for a refrigerator, while driving. The last connector from the truck should be female to avoid exposed conductors and shock, the connector on the trailer should be male.

Use this on the cord to the trailer.
Qwik-Lok Locking Plug

I have them, they work nice.

Once connected, put it inside the trailer frame, so it lies flat, no vibration, and hold in place with a bungee cord or velcro strip.

From there go to the floor of the trailer, up the wall, through PVC conduit to a PVC junction box with a GFCI outlet. I was originally going to say metal to prevent cable injury, but, that might become a conduit for a shock should you have a wiring fault that makes the trailer frame live. This is the reason I probably would not run a separate ground from trailer to the electrical ground. You might really mess things up with your trailer being grounded to the truck (12v) through the trailer hitch.
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