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acuator rod hh100

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I am redoing a 67 112. After many struggles with the engine Isent it away to a racing guy who builds engines. I was talking to him tonight and he said my motor was ready to go but that it needed a push rod for the points. He said he ordered one from a bushing company and that they didn't work. I was confused because he said that there were to kinds of rods one that was acuated by the flywheel and another kind. First of what are the two kinds if there are... maybe I heard wrong. Second are the rods that are engaged through the flywheel still avalible. I am going to call my dealer tomorrow and see if they have one and if they dont I am going to pick my engine up and wait for one to come along. My last question is if my dealer doesnt have one and I get my motor back how hard are the rods to do yourself. Any tips or replies would be greatly appreciated.
Happy belated New Year
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Hey Monti,

In the HH100 on the 67 JD112, the points plunger/actuator rod is actuated by a cam on the camshaft, actually:

What you will find from your dealer is that it is NLA, and has been for quite some years. Here's a couple of other threads, tho, from previous years and other brand forums (the HH100 was used in quite a number of different brands) with some suggestions...

And earlier this year:

Hope this helps you out, please keep us posted!
Thanks Little tractor guy any idea how hard they are to put in
If the OLD one is out entirely, you SHOULD be able to pull the cover off where the points sit, pull the points out, slip the new one into the hole, put the points back in, gap them to 0.20" and be good to go... Provided you have exactly the right length of ersatz rod, that should get you off to the races.

Here's where the points and rod are...

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