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ACDF GM horns

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Hey all,

I've been wanting to upgrade the horns on my vehicle. Lots of forums and car guys suggest going with the old GM four-note ACDF horns found on old Cadillacs. Anyone know of a set for sale somewhere? Thought I'd try here first before I start scouring ebay and craigslist.
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Salvage yard --U-pick & pull ,would be my first suggestion..

You want a really loud horn,try to find an old 6V one off a 1950's or older car or truck...
I got some off 50's Packards that were as loud as semi truck air horns when you put 12V to them..:) but I stupidly left them on the truck they were on when I sold it..

My GMC pickup now has a horn off a BMW--I was needing "any" horn to get an inspection sticker and all the OEM Delco horns I saved over the years didn't work reliably or at all after sitting a decade--so I snagged one off a BMW a friend was about to my truck has a wimpy "beep-beep" horn,sounds like a small car ..not fond of it,but it works!..
I never thought of going the 6V route... I'll keep my eye out!
My uncle had a pair of 6V that came from an early 50's Chevy sedan that my grandfather had parked behind the barn and they had a trumpet on them like an air horn. Talk about LOUD, you never wanted to be in front of his truck when he hit them. Wish I could find a set like em' now, just don't lay on them for an extended length of time.
I'm beginning to think vehicles should not have horns at all. Very few drivers use them as intended. More often than not, I hear them being used to cuss others out or as doorbells for people too lazy to get out and walk up to the door when picking someone up.
I tend to agree..but sirens scare me worse,I hate it when a cop comes up behind me and blasts the siren--and I pray he passes me and keeps on going!..:eek:

I have a neighbor across the street that has cars coming and going constantly,and they do that--use the HORN instead of a doorbell,doesn't matter if its 2 pm or 2 am either..lazy SOB's,cant be bothered to get out and go to the door and ring the bell--or use their cell phone to call and say "I'm here"...

I think they run a dope distribution ring or something,always cars pulling in the driveway or leaving at all hours during the day, and at night they sit there with the parking lights on,sometimes there for hours..irks me,it's tough to sleep knowing someone might be lurking around outside..cops have been there numerous times,on a weekly basis back a year or so ago,it was quiet since then,but now the activity is picking back up again..

Some of the visitors cars have subwoofers and they'll sit there "thumping" for quite some time--one day I got so irritated I hooked up 4 air horns I have off semi's and boats to my air compressor and laid on them for a good 3 minutes..when I turned them off,it was silent..then the cops came shortly after that,and reamed ME out for "making excessive noise"..
I can't post my reply here,I'd get banned!..basically I told them if THEY can make noise,so can I..they didn't like that--but did go over to their house and told them it wont be tolerated "next time"..2 days later,the subwoofers were thumping away even louder..and nothing was done about it..
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