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Hey all I am new here. I'll start off by giving my model number (found under the seat). It is 13bn771g729.

Tonight my wife was mowing by a fence and the brake/clutch pedal got stuck in the fence and the pedal got pulled backwards about 8 inches. The mower continued to idle so my wife turned off the ignition switch and freed the pedal from the fence. When she went to start it, it wouldnt start by following usual steps. She had pushed the brake pedal back down by then.

I looked at the safety switch by the pedal and it looked good. But, as I thought and researched the whole issue more, I realized that the switch wouldnt have been effected since the pedal went backwards.

I went back out and tinkered with the mower a little more. I was finally able to get it to start by putting the shifter on 7 and depressing and slowly easing up on the brake until the pedal was at just the right place to start it. That told me that more than likely, there are some things misalligned or bent caused by the pedal going backwards. What all parts/linkage are hooked to the brake pedal? Are there any other safety switches on them?

I only know for sure of 2 safety switches - the one by the brake pedal and the one under the seat. I looked on the web for wiring diagrams but found that you have to purchase them from MTD....what a crock.

Anyone have any suggestions on what all kinds of damage there may be?
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