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About an 1811

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Ok...I don't know a lot about cub cadets.....farmall cubs a little but cadets not so much...
My question is did they ever make a loader for an 1811...and do you ever see them for sale.....
Thanks, Jerry
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This is a Kwik way loader sold by Sears made for what ever tractor. this came on a model 100 when I bought it. I made a new subframe and mounted it on a 149. So any loader will fit almost any tractor as long as the width is ok. As for HP needed I think a 1811 is just fine. The power is more then enough. I think the lowest is a 12 HP tractor. I only use half throttle on the 149 because your find out that traction will be a problem and not the engine.
Be careful with the aluminum rear end not too strong!!!!!!!!!!!!


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The axles are not the weak point the aluminun housing is weaker then a CI rear.
Breoken aluminun rear housing? Yes I've seen them brake axle tubes and from mounting bolts where it mount on the frame.
It was on a loader with dual wheels and alot of weight. The 1811 I have had a broken ear on the front of the aluminum trans. It was probaly from loose bolts up front. This was done before I got it. Also this was the reason I got the tractor for free with a new engine.:fing32:
My 149 had about 800 of ballast weight on the back with duals. Now I just have a set of 25x12x12 atv tires fluid filled tirs for the winter.
1 - 3 of 18 Posts
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