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About an 1811

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Ok...I don't know a lot about cub cadets.....farmall cubs a little but cadets not so much...
My question is did they ever make a loader for an 1811...and do you ever see them for sale.....
Thanks, Jerry
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Why does ever one think the aluminum rear ends in the 82 series are weak ?

They have the fine splined carrier and axles in them everyone wants for there pulling tractors. The only place they were ever so called weak is in the hitch area. Even then if you manage to pull out the five bolts that hold the hitch on, then you are pulling something you shouldn't be.

Further more has anyone actually seen a broken one ? And if so how and why did it break ?
BOOM! Hit the nail in the head!
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joeharley said:
SO, WHAT WAS HE DOING ? My guess is ,it was dropped off a trailer or truck. Or they ran into something with it.
My crappy aluminum case rear-end has been dropped off the end of a trailer at least 4 times due to my crappy ramp system. No cracks or breakage at all.
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Thats what I am saying. The only broken one I have ever seen was on a 1863-or 4 that had taken a roll down over a 150-175 foot wooded ravine. The one tube did break. The owner said it landed on that rear wheel at the bottom, thats when it broke. The tire was cut from pushing the right side of the fender clear into the dash, and then pushing the dash tower into the engine and breaking the cases knocking it free. As you can imagine it was quit an impact.
Wow, It would be interesting to see a picture of that tractor after that impact.

And I bet you, a cast iron axle would have broke, or at least cracked during that crash.
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