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About an 1811

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Ok...I don't know a lot about cub cadets.....farmall cubs a little but cadets not so much...
My question is did they ever make a loader for an 1811...and do you ever see them for sale.....
Thanks, Jerry
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The loader that would fit on the 1811 is made by Kwik-way. Cub Never made there own loader they always used Kwik-way or Danco The loader is Run off a PTO driven Hydraulic Pump which you ran off the front PTO There about $2,500 New and still avaliable. If you ever see a kiwk-way Loader for sale on ebay all you would need to buy for it say it was mounted on a Deere or a Wheelhorse is a diffrent sub frame and PTO pump set up from kwik-way. Hope this answers your question:thThumbsU
Your Welcome:thThumbsU
1 - 2 of 18 Posts
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