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A Question of Manuals

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I just printed out the owners manual for the 600-800-900 Bolens, and the parts manual for the 900. To my untrained eye, the tractor looks the same as my 1000. My question is; can I use these manuals for my 1000? or should I be looking for the 1000 specifically?



PS: The more I look at this tractor, the more I like it. This thing is built like a tank.
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On most of these tube frames the parts are interchangable , they are constructed the same way, the 900 has the 8hp wisconsin and for the 3 speed trans it has the hi-lo gear on the belt switch system,the 1000 has the 10hp with the hi-lo shifter. no need to switch the belts to change from lo-hi gear. that was the only difference between the 2 models.
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