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A newbie w/ a big decision to make

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I run a small nursery and grow vegetables for a local farmers' market. the nursery and garden sit on 2.3 acres which are almost totally overgrown with underbrush and blackberries. embedded in the blackberries are 11 oak trees and 2 ex large Douglas firs, which have been cut into 15" rounds, for the wood stove. the tractor will also be used plowing the 200' driveway, if it snows, as my wife must be able to get out,so she can go to work.
Most of my vegetables are grown in raised beds, I am always making new beds to expand my growing area. The land is really full of rocks, I am surrounded by ongoing rock pits, so my drainage is really good, thats great as here in scappoose, OR we get 45-60" rain a year!

I am thinking of getting Kubota L2800HST or L3700SU HST with FEL with a grippel and a box scraper, loaded back tires. The two machines are about $1500.00 apart in cost. They are both the same size and weight,They both can lift 1200+ lbs in the loader
I am not attached to color but any new tractor of this size is going to be close to 18000-20000. I don't want an older tractor. I don't know what the effect of low sulfur diesel would be on an engine not engineered for it
This dealer is only 10 miles away, everyone else is 20-40 miles away, he has been business here 25-30 years and seems to be a nice guy
Please give me your opinions.
Thanks, Steve
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