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A new find

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HT-20 with Brantly backhoe and Johnson loader,also has power steering,engine has a issue,possible broken rod,don't see many with the backhoe attachment,


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doesnt look like it got used too much. hope you get the engine fixed soon
Thats a cool machine. Wish I could find something like that.
Very nice find for sure Rick !!!

How far did you have to travel to find that one ?
<----Jealous lol nice find
rick you luck dog!! nice find
Thanks guys,had to go 5 1/2 hrs ea way,long day but well worth it,
Thanks guys,had to go 5 1/2 hrs ea way,long day but well worth it,
Extremely unusual find. That is not too far for the package.
Rick, are you putting that on the 1886 or hooking someone up with a package deal?
Neat looking rig good luck getting things going.
Sweet find!
I have never actually seen a backhoe for an HT myself.
Not sure yet on what to do,is cool,this one is alot better than the one I had before
i would drive 40 hours for that
Or it might give me another reason to visit you again!
Well got time today to tear into the tractor,just as I thought,broken rod,is it just me or did they have a problem with the HT-20's with the rods,I have parted alot of them over the years and that was usually the problem, most of them seem to be broke on the left side of the engine(if your sitting on the seat facing forward)I don't hear many problems with the 18 or 23 hp engines,
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They get real hot around that area were the exhaust comes togather on that side.
There is a tsb about the rods, the oil pressure was not set right from the factory
I have an 1886 that had a broken rod on the left side. Look at the stack.....Mine was the same. Let it sit out in the rain long enough and fire it up with rust in there and pop!
Hi guys,have decided to sell the loader off this tractor,am going to post it in the classifieds,you also can reach me at (724)944-5513 or e-mail at [email protected],Thanks, Rick
1 - 20 of 29 Posts
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