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A More Comfortable seat would be a Great Asset

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Years ago while on vacation I experienced some mind-altering concrete seats at an outdoor tourist site. Apparently the constructor had workers sit in the concrete, perhaps with plastic film to avoid having caustic wet concrete liquid contacting skin. Anyway, somehow they made a bunch of seats in various sizes for differently sized people, formed by human back sides. I thought they appeared silly at first. But people were sitting in them and talking about how comfortable they were. So I sat in one about my size. Not only did I fit the seat, but it fit me. It even gave nice back support. They APPEARED as though they might be uncomfortable because we are used to seeing uncomfortable flat concrete seats. They were shockingly comfortable. They actually "felt soft." Thermal flow between too hot or too cold concrete could occur, depending on previous weather and heat gain from sun exposure. I've long kept that experience-based lesson in mind when considering seats.

While capturing Snapper RER images from I-net sites, I found one onto which an owner had swapped a molded steel tractor seat, replacing the original nearly-flat upholstered and padded seat. I'm now facing the choice of living with torn seat rear upholstery, recovering it, replacing it with another stock or conventional rider mower seat, or finding a small molded tractor seat and perhaps even adding a thin thermal insulation layer of padding over it as a replacement seat.

I'd be interested to know what non-conventional seating choices and seat suspension choices others have fit onto their RER Snappers. And how does your non-conventional solution compare with the original seat?
I'd like to maximize comfort and minimize impact accelerations from traveling over rough turf. My 72" cut diesel mower can mow way faster than I'm willing to tolerate. Impact accelerations through its seat become very unpleasant at high mowing speeds.

I'm thinking about making a pair of parallelogram guides, then support the seat bottom on a small lawn-tractor inner tube. Instant air suspension yet the seat's tilt would stay optimized as it moves up and down, averaging loads over time.
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I would think you options are slightly limited because of how the seat/tank bracket are. If you have one of the older snappers that has the tank mounted to the side instead of off of the seat bracket you have more options theoretically. You could easily add a old implement seat. Only takes 1 bolt. There is already covers made for those that would allow padding as well.

I agree with T.C.

I don't know specifically which tractor you have, I have an old Comet and the seat spring really wouldn't handle any more than my rear-end and a standard steel seat (on bumps, I tend to bottom out, with the bottom of my seat hitting the top of the air cleaner). That and your only able to mount a seat with a single bolt hole, limiting your choices even further.

However, regarding comfort, I replaced my old pan-style seat with a standard steel tractor seat from Tractor Supply Company. I have to admit, it is probably the most comfortable seat money can by without padding.
i swapped out the snapper seat for a snap-on tractor seat ....a little better but not much

had to use a 1/4" plate to adapt to the snapper "spring"
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