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A look back at my IH Cub Cadet 100

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The 100 in a 100 IHCC hauler.

Missing a steeringwheel cap.

Had a good one from the IHCC 123 parts tractor so I put it on.

Paid 250.00 for the 100. Runs and operates great.

Planned on a restore for the 100. The frame was cracked on both sides under the k241 motor.

Project 72 would have been pushed back another year maybe more. I dont need all these irons in the fire.

The last wagon was with the 100 deal. Its homemade and built like a brickshoot house.

Back from the carwash. Frame welded. Let the resto begin!

I cant wait to see my old 100 at the pulling tracks this year. You wont believe it was even my tractor when you see the pictures I plan to bombard you with from the pulling events I'll attend!:fing32::fing32:
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Very nice! can't wait to see her shine.But it looks good now.But a restored Gt is awesome.Thanks for the pictures.
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