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A little humor...

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I was very happy when I got my 520H - P220G this spring, she has done one heck of a job tilling, mowing and pulling a wagon full of anything and everything I could put in it around here, till about a week or so ago. I felt by the way it started running, the carb was dirty. Thinking it may be the original from 1988, I priced a rebuild kit, new carb, (Ouch! I didn't want it made of Gold! :fing20: ) then found a carb identical to mine on ebay (cheap.. :thThumbsU), so I got it. After talking with a couple guys, (a big :thanku: to you) on the forum here who helped me gain confidence, I Installed it.
Much to my surprise, the Ole 520 still ran as it did with the old carb, which brought out the words.. Ahh Poo! and no, not ahh choo.. that wasn't a sneeze.. All indicators point to a vaccum leak, somewhere, so please say a prayer for the Ole 520.. she's hanging on, but barely! :crybaby: hold on, I need a kleenex..

I hope everybody has a great & safe Labor Day!


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did you clean the carb you got off ebay? im guessing it was used and could be dirty. my p220 had a surging problem and it was just the carb.
No gmaster, it was in a closed bag, new with the cap on the throat. Did have an issue with float at first, no gas. Needle wasn't connected to float arm, but fixed that and am getting gas to it now. Have it apart again, 3rd time, redoing gaskets on both intake & exhaust.
Did find a loose clamp holding breather in place where it meets the block, not sure if that that could be a vac leak issue but is tight now. We'll see what we got in about an hour or so.
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Nope mine just surged really bad, cleaned the carb like 3 times untill i finally got it. I cleaned the jets with a torch tip cleaner, it was a clogg somwhere in the idle circuit, couse it would run good at wot. Did you change the pluggs?
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