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A little help with a 2N

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Howdy all,
A buddy has a 2N that ran really great all winter. He started it up a week ago and it's blowing blue smoke from the exhaust and the breather. It's also rattling in the valve area. I did a compression check and found #2 cylinder was down to 40# compression. The other 3 are close to 120.
The engine will puff smoke each time there is a rattle. This does not happen every revolution, maybe 3/4's of the time.
I figured a sticky valve. I soaked that cylinder with 50/50 atf and lacquer thinner for 3 days while bumpng the motor over twice each day.
I fired it up tonight and no change.

On the plus side, I have no mosquitoes now.

Could it be something other that a sticky valve?
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