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A fine day of Sears Salvaging

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SS-16 that I really didn't want but it's starting to grow on me.

Never had an Onan Tractor before.
came with a deck

a front blade

an old tow behind speader (still good)

a (blue) disc to a DB walk behind

and an old mid mount grader blade

what I paid?....If I were being killed by wild dogs you would be excused for not helping me. Rick
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Free, huh?

Nice winter project there. Real steel!
I know of a guy in Maine also that has a ton of parts for those really cheap. Let me know if you want his info.
Where are you from in Maine?
Special extra thanks to GT_80 for sending me a copy of his manual. This old blade mount is really rusty,..stuck, frozen, mangled,.. blade is good but the right side bracket that bolts onto the tractor frame is missing. Left side bracket is still on the tractor, but the manual helps a ton and I send sincere thanks to GT_80 for helping me out. :trink39:
dang it...Id LOVE to get one of them graders!!!!
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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