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A few pics of the ol girl.

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Here she is next to the for sale sign befor we got her.


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Nice looking tractor. Looks just like mine. How is the 18HP K-361 Kohler? Can you PLEASE post pics of the mule drive for the mower? I think you have the same drive I have and I would like to see some pics of the front and sides, close up of where the hitch attaches to the front of the tractor. My deck is home made and the PO did not build it right, can't keep a belt on it.


Good looking old iron there, some TLC and you should have a fine working machine :fing32:.

:thanku: for the pics !
Color me jealous, I want one of those.

Nice find.
Very Nice.

Like others have said, with some TLC it will do good things for you. Be sure to get the fluids changed out everywhere. With its history it has likely seen plenty of water, and you know that stuff gets everywhere.:trink40:
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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