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A different 214 project

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well guys this is my first john deere i have done, I took a few pictures of the day i brought it home and over the past six months i have restored using all the original parts. The kicker is it is not just yellow and green. I got the idea for a parade tractor to support Breast Cancer. I have not been able to find a tractor that resembles what i made. So far i have alot of people wanting this rig especially the ladies and you can see why. I hope you guys enjoy! Land vehicle Vehicle Car Motor vehicle Tractor

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Land vehicle Vehicle Tractor Motor vehicle Agricultural machinery
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The new seat is currently getting re upholstered with the cancer ribbon embroidered in the back of the seat. Vehicle Machine Outdoor power equipment Automotive tire Tool

Pink Machine

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Great job for a great cause. I`m sure it will be a big hit at any parade!

Will there be a similar trailer in the future?
Yes the trailer is already in the works
Looks like you have done lots of super work. :thThumbsU

I am surpised that you did not go all pink. To me the pink with the green and yellow just looks odd. :sorry1:

Should be an attention getter though. Thanks for supporting such a great cause. Have you a connection to a survivor?
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