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A Big Hello to MTF from Big10

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Hello To MTF! I see here you guys are actually DEDICATED to tractors so i think im gonna like it here. I already did some snoopin around but i havent touched anything yet:D This will be my first but hopefully not my last post. I've been to other sites and i wont name names but the problem always seemed they werent so dedicated to tractors as they led on as they seemed to have something against me or the place is overly moderated eaither that or there rules was so restricting and bias or dont share the same thing as you. Needless to say i dont visit those sites anymore becouse it turned out to be the same dull boring ball game over and over :comp26: SO i went searching and MTF i did find. I've heard alot of good rumors of MTF but never really looked into it till a couple days ago. I see you guys have alot of activity going on and are actually FOR the people in intrest and thats what i like. I hope to meet some new freinds here and just have a good time. Back to the subject at hand i'll get to my introduction.

Some of you may know me from enginads. :eek:mg: Right? :sidelaugh No really im not bad as i've been portrayed to be im sure.

I am Skylar B. King. but you can call me "Sky" for short. I am 22 years old and a mechanic of 16 years and YES i've got the iron bug. :hide: :thSick: I started out much like the early starter's of turning a wrench mostly did. Learning from the old timers which are sadly few these days and tearing apart old junk engines for scrap and rebuilding engines with my dad back in the early 90's. I didnt have much of a childhood although i had "freinds" as i thought i did, i was mostly in the shop tinkering with something. It wasnt ti'll 4 years ago i got the "old iron bug" Me and my dad both. Since then we've been to the shows here in indiana were we reside, we've got old chain saws to VERY old Briggs engines to a couple garden tractors to a couple of late 40's early 50's push mowers and a few other off the wall things not readily to be able to be found these days. Our first actual old engine odly enough was a 1942 Briggs & Stratton model Z WW2 Generator engine compleate with the hand crank assyembly. We still have that engine which i never will get rid of. EVER. Gave 75 bucks for it the day it was found and well, there's an amount WAY over that today sittin in that engine but it was worth it. Most definitly. Our first BIG engine was a 1925 Farbanks Morse Model Z Dishpan rated at 2 H.P. with the dual stage mixer. Since then as said above we've accumulated some. Our latest engine is a 1919 McCormick M with the again, dual stage mixer. Hope to have that running soon but were needing parts. Our latest tractor is a 1967 Sears Suberban 10 which i named "Big10" (Hints my user name) becouse it's our second best tractor we have. Might i add a little bigger and MUCH better built then any modern tractor built tractor today. Although i will admit todays tractors have some monster engines in them @ 25 plus horse with some neet features, i'll take the suberban 10 and our wheel horse which is a 1965 RJ-58 that will literally pull anything i have plus some and yes it's stock with the old K91 Kohler in it. I didnt know the suberban 10 had 2 more horse in it till we braught it home and i cross reffed the numbers. I discovered the engine was a HH120 But you can hardly tell between the HH100 and HH120. Nothing wrong with 2 more horse, Right? :D I find it amazing that sears put out some VERY well built tractors even though i know about the suberban history. The way sears does things now it is absolutly amazing to see what they USE to put out. These days you go to sears and all you get is...:swow: HUH? and im like....:not_worth :fing20: Oh ya, and dont get me started on calling sears trying to locate parts or ask a question :reallymad :maddd: ANYHOW.

Back to me, 5 years ago i quit Highschool becouse it just got WAY to much for me. The teachers (please excuse my french) didnt seem to give a **** and was too much concerned with disapline so i busted a chair hollered at the detention people and said h*ll im out of here. That was that. I Recently However, got back into school doing distant education working for my diploma and am looking into Technical Collage to make something out of my self. Which i hope to acheive very well but i know it's not easy done in the economy right now so the "american dream" may be postponed a few years. It's pretty bad when some people with a HS diploma can hardly get a job booger flippin these days. Back in the day that was absolutly SOMETHING if you had landed a HS diploma but ofcource that was way before MY time. ANYWAY since i've been out of school turning wrenches and going to shows is all i've done. I've got some LONG hours on me but ya know i dont regret it. There use to be a time when i thought i left something behind but obveously not. So i dont feel bad about taking the schooling path im in right now. It's much easyer on me aswell. Enough about me anyhow. This is getting to be long winded already so i'll call it quits for tonight. I look forward to meeting the new crew here, i look forward to seeing you all at the shows, i look forward to sharing pics, chewin the fat, talkin smack, getting and recieving comments and good gesture and i'll cya all again tomorrow. :trink39: :cool:

Your Newest Member, "Big10" A.K.A. Sky
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Welcome. Glad you joined us.
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