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A beginner here with the fundamental question

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To all,

Well I am going to do it!!!! Cashed out and checking in to spend the next 30 years building a farm. Had to concede to my beautiful half that yes I really do like alpaca's but in return got 40 acres, 2 acre pond, 35 acres of pasture, 7 stall barn and 5 acres wood that I don't have to let the little critters roam on.

Second thing after getting the UTV for her, (Case Scout XL Deisel - she loves the red) will be getting the tractor. Now this is where I hope the friendliest forum on the net will guide me in the right purchase and what implements and attachments are needed and are not just toys.

So for those who want to help. compact or utility? I need to cut, mow and bale 30 acres of orchard grass and then till and work 5 acres for crops and finally want to cut through the woods to the stream at the end of the property.

TO ALL IN ADVANCE -- Thank you for what I hope will be a open and vigorous debate.

R. Bruce
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By your descriptions of land and Case Diesel already purchased, I'm sure a few folks will stop by here and suggest more ways to spend your money, thats what friends are for. :fing32:
I can forsee the need for 2 work tractors min. one big, one small to work the land together, with different attachments to get all the jobs done as efficiently as possible.
You need power, mobility, versatility, and good advice so you dont waste your funds on poor choice equipment. :praying:
my dad has a hobby farm comparable in size and function. raises beef and draft horses. my first suggestion would be a farmall 560. good all round tractor. but not usually found easily. if you want new equipment i probably shouldn't say any more, i'm use to having used or inneed of repair type equipment. if you aren't auctions are a good place to start. figure out what you want it to do and buy as best fitts your needs
DMAC and forum,

It is true that two is always better than one but right now I only get to get one. So I need to decide compact or serious. I am thinking about a Farmall Compact 60 but have found a good deal on a 95U which is on the big size for sure but **** it looks like the toy one I played with when I was just a tyke.

So what where are the thumbs-- Two thumbs up for the 60 or two thumbs down on the 95.
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