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9N/2N/8N Wire Diagrams

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Wire Diagrams for 9N/2N/8N..

Picture credit to JMOR of the Ntractor Club.

click on each picture for a larger view


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Re: Unfortunate situation. 8N

Depending on how you mesh the gears on distributor drive, #1 can be any one of the 4 holes & rotor can be pointing anywhere you want. That "pointing toward the head" business means absolutely nothing, other than perhaps that is the way it was done for the picture.

Remove #1 spark plug. With ignition off, place thumb or finger over the #1 spark plug hole and crank slowly until compression is felt.

Continue to crank the engine until the timing mark, 0° (top dead center) on the flywheel is found in the timing window on the right side of flywheel housing. NOTE: Flywheel is calibrated from 0° to 20° in two places, 180° apart. You want the mark for TDC compression stroke. Use a screw driver on the flywheel starter ring gear to rotate to exactly align the 4° mark with the pointer.

Insert the distributor assembly with the gears fully meshed, the rotor should point to the right front cylinder head bolt.

The important aspect is that rotor points to hole where #1 wire is plugged in. If not, remove and re-engage until the proper rotor position is obtained. This assumes that the No. 1 plug wire is in the distributor cap socket in line with the right front cylinder head bolt.

Rotate the distributor housing counter clockwise until the breaker points are closed.

Install the distributor cap; connect the primary, secondary and #1 spark plug wires.

Hold the end of #1 spark plug wire approximately 1/8" from the cylinder head or manifold with the ignition "on", and then slowly rotate the distributor housing clockwise until a spark occurs - The spark should occur in less than 1/8 turn of the distributor housing.

Tighten the clamp screw securely.

Firing order for a side mount will be the bottom graphic.

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