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990 wont crank

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i had the thing cranking fine before i took the starter off now its back on and everythings wired and grounded correct and it wont crank at all:00000060:
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Test The Starter..Use Jumper Cables.Clamp the positive to the Wire terminal. Touch the Negative to a Good/convenient Spot on the Starter Housing Somewhere and see if it Cranks. I normally put the Clamp on to the Positive and Touch the Ground so that WHEN YOU MAke Contact and Get the initial Arc/Spark when making Contact,you dont Bugger/melt your Positive Wire terminals Threads.Once you have your Starter varified as Working fine,you can go Backwards and Hunt down the Fault..Might be Coicidence ,but the Starter may have Died on you..Strange things can happen..
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LOL That`s the Problem .You used the Cheap, Duct Tape to install the Starter.It`s not Grounding Properly, through the Shiny side like it`s supposed too. LOL
1 - 3 of 11 Posts
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