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990 tires

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where could i pick up some tires for my 990 for cheap?

27x9.5-15 could go a bit wider
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Go to some of the tire stores near you and check out the used / throw aways. You should be able to get a light truck (LT) or SUV tire cheap - or FREE! :thThumbsU - that has half to quarter tread. The 27x9.5x15 is hard to fit - tires are either just a bit too tall or a bit too short. I went with a 235/75R15 for mine - makes it sit an inch taller, but I don't use a mower deck.

Good luck! :goodl:
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yea i dont use a mower deck either ill have to shop around some of the local scrap yards
Rich, i was looking at doing the same thing as i have 235/75 15 s as take offs from my jeep. how much air do you have in them? how is the inside clearance to the fenders?
What`s with you guy`s.? No Mower Decks ?.. Are these Tractors your Sunday Suit, and Tie Only, Drivers.. LOL. :ROF Just Kidden .LOL
Mark -

The 235/75R15's are actually 28.9x9.3x15, and the original tire is 27x9.5x15. They're taller, but not as wide. There's plenty of room under the fender, top and side. I put tubes in mine, as I wasn't sure just how good of a rim seal I'd get. I only have 20 lbs. of air in them now. Might leave it, or increase just a bit.

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If you can,look at some 205/70x15" or 215/70x15",they are a bit lower than a 235/75x15" tire and wider..probably more popular too,not too many vehicles use 235's in the past 5 years or more..
Both of those tire sizes would be a bit smaller, but not too bad.

The 205/70R15 = 26.3x8.1x15, and the 215/70R15 = 26.9x8.5x15.

Here's a neat web site to quickly check out your tire sizes:
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Hey Sammy
I just found this picture and was wondering if there was a set manufacturing paint or did the tractor come in different colors. I recently was given the same type tractor about a month ago. I have some pics on my page but new to this type of forum. There is no carb on the tractor but motor does turn by hand and has compression. I am tempting to get print for the motor and hopefully get prints on the tractor itself and cutting deck. Actually I was shocked when I did find out some of the tractor and even more impressed about its condition. Just courious about paint on it. Thanks Tony
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Well I myself don't wear suit and tie but do have cutting deck so I think I will try to find original tires for mine and overhaul the deck. I was born in the wrong place so I moved to the country lol

Glad you joined us!

As for paint, MTD made these tractors for a lot of other stores - Farm King, UNICO, etc., and they all had different paint colors. I've seen red, yellow, blue and that UNICO green. If you can identify who yours was made for, we can probably help you with the paint color.

As for the tires, Carlisle does still make the 207x9.5x15, but they're special order at most farm supply or tire retailers, and run about $110+ each.

What year is yours? Can you still read the sticker on the lower left part of the dash? If you know the model, you can figure out the year.

Anyway, this is a great forum with a great bunch of guys and gals ready to help. Glad you stopped in! Oh, yeah, keep us posted on your restoration.


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You can get the stockers here but their not cheap. Their may be a tag under the seat also.
You can also find 225/75X15" tires that might be closer in size to the originals..

Also,be aware tire "sizes" listed in catalogs often are "approxamite" and cav vary a lot between dfferent brands or tread styles..once I went tire shopping at the junkyards,and brought my tape measure to measure the outer circumfrence of the tires I picked out--There were no sets of 4 matching tires all the same brands,but many like new ones of different brands.

I found 4 P235/75-15" ,but two were Firestones and 2 were Goodyears--they were almost 2" different,the Firestones were taller !..
I ended up buying 4 different brands of tires, all marked with different sizes,that ended up measuring within 1/4" of each other! pays to measure the tires with a tape measure wrapping it around the tread,rather than relying on the sizes marked on them..snow tires and "all terrain" tires tend to be larger than typical "summer" tires marked the same size..
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Sorry I haven't been on for a while. All the ID tags are missing, but I do know this one was made between 73 - 77 only because of the engine. I got the phone number with MTD to check archives to see if some other number can be found if they have one stamped on it. Once determined the year or close to it I will be getting the parts list and operation manuel and hopefully prints on it. The tires are dry rotted some but still hold air so that will help in restoring it until i am ready to put new tires on it. This one is green so that may help the hood is various colors and looks like some of the paint was spilled on it. Even the seat is in great condition. Hopefully this one has a PTO on the back of it. If not I guess I will be building a bush hog and tiller to go behind it. I have seen pics of some with front attachments on it. So I see alot of potiential for it. My uncle is helping with some of the restoration on it and the platform to put it on while we do this with a duel purpose. He wants to be able to put his motorcycle on it so he can change oil also.
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if you feel like making a trip to ohio ive got 2 michelin truck tires that i think are 225/75/15 you can have them free
All the MTD 990's were virtually the same, just sold by different people, colors and decals varied. Go here and you can print out the manuals you seek.
This would look to be a good set for a 990, right around 27.5" tall. Tires
Any luck on the tires? I'm looking for some too but I'm looking for some ag-bar tires. I'm getting my 990 ready to go pulling and my stock tires though their in excellant shape just don't cut it.I've found some online close to the stock 27x9.50x15 size but don't want to take a 2nd mortgage to buy them:eek:mg: I'm seriously thinking about getting some regular 5 lug garden tractor wheels and and going with a tall 12in style. I've already bought an extra set of rear hubs so that i can convert them to 5 lug and still have my original ones to use with my stock tires.
If anyone has tried this let me know. also just to let you know I'm down here in Fla and other than TSC and Northern Tool farm supply stores are like the Snow birds this time of year their all north of here!
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That was my thought also. I also have a set of 5 lug hubs for my 990. There are far more choices of tires out there in the 12" wheel size. Something like this 27X12-12 or this
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