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Seems the bearings on this PTO are just fine, it's the arbor shaft that has serious problems. The key drive socket is seriously wore, but can keep going.

The pulley to shaft slop is about .010" concentric and is shim-able. But the forward bearing surface on the arbor shaft is worn .040 on one side and only .005" on the far side. Hard to slip a shim in there with the varying slop and the fact that the shaft is free to spin on the inner bearing race.

The nuts holding the PTO on were metric, perhaps they bought this thing somewhere and a whole new or replacement PTO or shaft can be found. Anybody know were to look? MTD parts look-up didn't find a part reference using many diff 14X-990A inputs.

I could build up the shaft with eutectic material and turn it down, BUT if I could just find a part....

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