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94 B&S 18H.P. Need Parts List

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Hi, I have rod knock and need to find a parts list. All so when I was pulling the flywheel I notice about a 1/4'' vertical play in crank shaft. Is this normal or do I have a major problem? Charlie
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Thanks for the offer D-Dogg,if I do get up that way I will give you a call.
M# 422727 Type 121401 Code 9501205B MTD 18/42 TMO 3500006 #1A245H30011.

I re-measured once I pulled the engine out and it's more like an 8th'' and once I get a flywheel puller (couldn't get it off) I will check the seals at that time. There was some oil under neath but it's hard to tell since I cleaned the engine before I started to pull it.

About the play in the top main bearing I will have to look at that,if thats the case then I will check the bearing once I get in there.
Thanks for your replies
I found a parts list but can't find a repair manual.
1 - 3 of 6 Posts
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