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917.253311 46" dozer blade details

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917.253360 46" dozer blade details

User Wesley had some questions about the two control rods on the right side of the plow - here are some pictures with rough dimensions.
Click any of them to get a large view.

I tried to use Autostitch to make these three pictures into one, but it couldn't do it. The forum won't post them side by side either, but hopefully you get the idea.

Closeup of the angle lock release "pedal".

I simply have it hooked over the other rod, but the original bracket has two holes and positions the lock release closer to the footboard. Here's a picture that the PO of my blade took before he sent me the bracket - I had forgotten to get it when I bought the blade. Even this may be a home made solution.

Here's a picture from the owner's manual showing a different but similar bracket:

The angle rod has a ball on the end to make it easier to push/pull:

Here is the length of the "pedal" for the lock release rod:

...and, the width:

Here is the length of the lock release rod:

Here is the length of the angle rod:

Each rod has a short 90° bend where it attaches to the plow, about an inch. There is also a hole drilled through it for a cotter pin. This is the angle rod:

...and, the lock release:

Both rods are 3/8" diameter. That would make the threads on the ball most likely 3/8"-16 NC.

Hope that helps - if you need more info, let me know.
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The two brackets in picture 5... The top one is the bracket for the muffler on an Onan SS and the lower one is the bracket that hold the engage rod for the white snowblowers.

The correct bracket is the one in the black and white SS14 photo- it is just a bent piece of angle iron with a few holes in it
I don't remember the diameter of the holes for the hair pins or cotter pins, but it is not critical, just has to match whatever you are using.

Hope that helps someone out!
Should be 3/16"
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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