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900 spark plug?

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hey gang, just another dumb spark question. i have replaced the coil . and bypassed the points , now i have a good clean spark if i ground the plug wire, when i attache the new plug and ground it out i get intermitant spark at times and no spark at all when cranking . im using a cj8 champion plug brand new. any suggestions?:thanku:
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I think you should be using a J-19LM (or RJ-19LM) plug. The CJ-8 were used for leaded gas. Doubt that's your problem here, but FWIW....

Remember that a spark plug has a more difficult time firing when it's under compression in the cylinder. If you don't have a spark tester that you can put in-line with the plug, see if it fires better when you reduce the gap on the plug.
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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