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8xl motor question

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I have an 8xl that with a tecumseh that needs motor tins. I've located a set off of a 10 or 12 and if I remember correctly the 8hp has the same sized block. Does anyone know for sure?
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I'm not positive ,but I'm pretty sure the 8-10 HP blocks are the same tins,but a 12HP is larger overall,and wont work..I'd say look on old snowblowers for a grenaded 8 HP Tecumseh,but seeing your in Florida,I guess that aint gonna help much!..time to go look at mower repair shops "boneyards"..
There was one snowblower listed on c list awhile back. I'm not sure why exactly they thought anyone around here would need one.
Maybe use it as a "Sandcaster" for sand castles at the beach!?...:D
thought about buying it to put in the yard. Would make the neighbors scratch their head.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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