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Tonight I looked at two possible tractors. The first was in poor condition and could not be kept running. Not sure why the guy didn't tell me that prior to me driving an hour to get there.

The second was a 1952/53 8N with overdrive. The sheet metal was in reasonably good shape, the rear tires were great, not cracked and had good rubber, the front tires were cracked but usable. The engine started right up and ran quietly until throttle was applied and then there was some sort of clanking sound. I took it for a test drive and the clanking sound continued anytime you applied any throttle to it. But at low idle it ran smooth. It was burning some oil which came out the exhaust. Since I am not a mechanic I walked away from it.

I am disappointed but I have a 1947 8N that I will be looking at tomorrow evening.

I also looked at a 2N and have decided to concentrate on 8N's only. I would like to be able to find one with the distributor on the side but if not I don't see that as a deal killer.

The interesting thing is I am learning more each time I look at a different tractor. I have learned to feel how the steering is and to listen to the engine.

I will keep sharing and asking questions as I continue my search and when I finally find the right tractor I will stop asking questions about buying one and begin asking questions about restoring and maintaining.

I can see how this tractor stuff can become addicting.....sure is fun.

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Good luck with the hunt - You'll know the right one when you find it - The N's had the highest production numbers of any of the early tractors so you should have a good selection. As they're 60-70 years old most of what's available for sale will need some repair. But they're simple and most repairs can be made with simple tools and a few posts for help right here on this board.

Keep us posted!!
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