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8N for frustration easing

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Last winter I got a portable garage in a box for the Wife's Mercedes 450SL. I just wanted to keep it under cover over the winter. Well the very first snow storm we had, the darn thing caved in!!! Big dent in the hood, a small rip in the brand new soft top and a small dent in the trunk. I spent a lot of time restoring that car for her!!!!
Well the remains of the garage have been sitting there mocking me ever since so I fired up the 8N last weekend and put the bucket to work!! I laid waste to that PIA! LOL Felt so good to turn that thing into a pile of scrap.
Thank you Mr. Ford!! You make a tough little tractor.:sidelaugh
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Sometimes ah mans gotta do what ah mans gotta do.
Oh that is frustrating! I have a 300SDL and I think I would scream!
Wife still laughs at me for taking a 16# sledge hammer to a push mower that wouldn't start after 2 days of working on it. Made me feel alot better!! Got a new riding mower to replace it...WIN-WIN!! :fing32:
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