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8n electric wiring harness tube

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ok i am going to replace the wiring harness on my 8n, the wires are just old. They are in the metal tube that runs down the block my question is when i go to remove that tube will the blots that are holding it to the block need to be torqued like a normal head bolt would, or is just to hold that tube on to the tractor.
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From what I've been reading and the pics I looked at, they are head bolts and need to be torqued. I'm sure someone will correct me if I'm wrong.

Headbolts are 65-70ft/lbs, studnuts are 55-60ft/lbs. Retorque after 20-30min of warmup, engine warm.

Torque Spec. sheet:


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Read in one of the articles that the plug wires of today are made a little thicker than the old set of plug wires back then causing the tube to be a little tight. :dunno:
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