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8HP Tomahawk Junior Questions

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I'm thinking about getting a chipper shredder and from what I am reading most home models just do not have enough power to actually chip 2-3 inch lims and the clog a lot. I actually experienced this for a 5hp Craftsman that I had in the 90's, but it wore out.

I have the option to pick up a used Troy Bilt 8hp Tomahawk Junior from about 1990. It has a 8hp BS IC engine. I was getting some Tecumseh parts from my mower service center and they had this available. the previous owner had asked to repair the engine, but decided he did not want to pay for it and had bought another used chipper. I need to find out more about this like what was wrong with it. but at least the engine should be running good now. the paint looks pretty bad on it so I suspect it must have set outside a lot.


Are these older models any good? Will they actually do a good job chipping/shreading or will I likely be frustrated with an 8hp model much like I was with the Craftsman 5hp?

He asked $500, but said he would take $400. that still seems a bit high to me, I saw a few selling 250-350. he seems to think he could put it on ebay for $750. What sounds reasonable?

Any other wisdom or links? I was reading that some are missing their screens, so I'll check that. did these have a collection bag or did they just dump out on the ground?

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I have the same model with the 8 HP Briggs. Mine is electric start and came with the factory hitch attachment for towing behind a L&G tractor.

I would not sell mine for less then $400.00 even though I bought it at a crackhead sale for $125.

I don't use it much, but when I do, it's worth it's weight in gold. The only thing that compairs with it is the DR stuff IMO.

I'd pay what he's asking, you won't be disappointed.

Mine came with 2 screens. Fine and course. And a bag which I've never used.
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My Bad, just noticed you said Jr Tomahawk. Mine is the Super Tomahawk. :sorry1:
My Bad, just noticed you said Jr Tomahawk. Mine is the Super Tomahawk. :sorry1:
The one he has is definetly a 8hp. I might have the name wrong. I thought they had a 10hp one to so i thought that was the super and 8hp was the Junior. I may have the name wrong.
The older belt driven Tomahawk wasn't a bad chipper in its day. I would stay away from any chipper that has the cutter mounted directly to the engine crankshaft. Also, don't believe the hype on chipping capacity- it's the same BS as the 5HP air compressor or vacuum cleaner that runs off a 15A outlet.

I tried all manner of small chippers when I had my rental business- the only one I could make money with was a 6" model 65 Brush Bandit- which cost $14K twelve years ago. All the lesser machines had very short fatigue lives or had maintenance issues with belts or expensive centrifugal clutches.
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I have an older "regular" Tomahawk chipper that I bought new around 1980. Mine has a 4 1/2 HP Tecumseh motor on it. And yeah it could use some more HP, but it will chip up 3" stuff, just not real fast like a commercial unit will. I LOVE mine. They work very well as a homeowner unit, but if you have plans for doing chipping commercially, this will be too slow, even with the 8 HP motor. If the engine has been repaired and running well, it's worth the $400 he is asking, unless there are serious cracks in the housing or missing the screen on the bottom, or if the cutters are truly beat to crap.
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