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8FH13LB went to the welder today

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My 8FH13LB Iron Horse deck went to see the welder today. It had a couple cracks and a chunk missing out of the front. It's gonna get all fixed up. Then I'm gonna grind the welds flush, bring it to the blaster, get it blasted, and then the same company's gonna match the paint color and paint the deck and handle. The motor's all cleaned up. I have to sand the shroud and gas tank parts and paint them. I have the wheels sanded and ready for paint. It should be ready for a new family in the spring, all nice and new looking.
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This guy I went to said the repair is probably going to be problematic because of all the stuff that gets soaked in to the metal. But he said he'd do it. So the cracks and the chunk in the front will be fixed. Then the blasting and paint will make it all pretty again. I tried to sell this machine unrestored but nobody wanted it. Hopefully somebody will want it when it's like new...
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