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8821 Automower

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Hey guys i found a 8821 D engine automower for sale by me. It runs but... The SP is non working. He said it wasnt greased and it needs work. He was asking $125 but i said $50 and he said hed call me. But does anyone have any gears or something? I think its worth the $50 for just the heck of it. Its in good to fair shape. What do you guys think?

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Is it an 8221? i cant find anything on 8821. Id pay 50 bucks for it. The gears on them tend to strip out......

Looks like the deck is cracked on it too.......
Hmm did you see it on CL? I cant see any cracks. Maybe the ad is wrong. Hes just selling it for his dad.
It appears to have a chunk missing out of the discharge shoot.
thats the ad i saw.... It is a chunk/chip missing
Essex, Iowa is close to the intersection point between Iowa, Nebraska and Missouri if that helps any of you.
Well if it is missing a chunk i might still get it. Its pretty sweet looking. I just dont know when i could pick it up. Maybe friday or so.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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