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855 quitting

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My '97, 855 runs great but intermittently would just up and stop running. It would always start, well today all I got when it quite today all was a loud click from the starter. Tried the usual, checked the battery connections ,both tight. Checked the positive cable connections all clean and tight. Found the problem with the ground connection on the front motor mount. The connection was tight but there sure wasn't a electrical connection. Hammered it with a hitch pin, got the tractor going and back at the shop I cleaned and tightened both the connection on the motor mount and the connection on the block. Hope this helps somebody out there.
Have a great fall, I am getting tired of feeding the great crop of Mosquitos we have now it has started raining again!
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Good news about the 855,,, was there powder coat paint under the cable?? :dunno:

You know,,, :wwp:
Good information, thanks for sharing. :thanku:
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