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I currently have an X495 that I'm using to cut a few rough acres of land around my barn. I use my 4600 with a bush hog to cut the big fields, but I like having a smaller tractor with a belly mower for the land around the barn with the well, poles, etc. to mow around.

I'm getting beat to death on the X495 which is really a riding mower I even added the deluxe suspension seat, but still getting beat to death.

Have my eye on a nice 855 with a belly mower.

Will the 855 with the longer wheel base, bigger rear tires and greater weight be a significantly better ride on rough land than an X495 riding mower with a deluxe suspension seat?

Thanks for your input.

Mad Dog
Well...I have been pinned UP against my seat belt when I hit some bumps raking a hay field with my 855...:(
I can tell you, for sure, that the seat suspension is NOT an air ride...:D
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