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'83 GT18-44" deck mandrel rebuild

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Hi Guys,
I have an '83 GT18 that I'm redoing and I get to the deck, and check the mandrels and the middle one is wobbly, not bad but I caould hear it when I bought the machine, and the rest is worth it to me, so...,
The tractor is an FF look-alike model 917.253741, and deck is 917.253645. Middle mandrel is p/n100142M(Roper p/n). I looked everywhere, but I get "discontinued", oh, and it was superceded by AYP p/n105193X "discontinued" also.
I figured it couldn't get any worse, I mean, broken is broken so I decided to tear into the "no user servicable" area.
Took my 4.5 grinder with cutting disk to the top weld and carefully cut the weld..., then a little more ..., then more..., finally got it down to where you can see the outline of the shaft and PB blastered it.
I read some kind souls thread on this topic and he said to leave it bolted to the deck, to avoid breaking the mounting ears. Good Idea!
I blocked it up to support the area underneath
Made a drift from something and started driving. Finally after a few good wacks..., movement! More pb. I noticed after driving a little the pulleys were jumping up, as opposed to the shaft driving down, what ever, It's coming.
I used my puller when it was safe and off she came.
Now I cleaned the shaft and studied. I decided I would use a 4 pounder on it and try to deliver straight purposeful strikes. After geting my swing tuned just right it srarted to move.Going along fine until I get the top of the shaft down to the top bearing. I found out I had mushroomed the top of the shaft. Grinder again, cause I'm gonna reweld pulleys back on when done. Finally I get it through.
Now the problem is how to get the bottom bearing off the shaft.I decided on the destructive method. And using my dremel tool i was able to get it off the shaft. Top and bottom are the same bearing. TIMKEN LM11949
I can $6.50 -$8. I'll try NAPA tomm. I took pictures, but can't figure out how the heck to post them here. I just thought this might help someone faced with the same thing. Thanks for listening. John
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Slick tractor you got there! I've got the same model(not quite as clean) its been a real workhorse for me. Good Luck with yours and if you figure out how to post pics please share. I'd like to see more.

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And my GTV-11 is very, very similar, except for the engine, Varidrive, and, tranny. My deck is almost a twin to yours.
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